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The reading of teenage depression statistics is not a very happy one. Till about a decade and a half ago, teenage depression was not really heard of. But today statistics about teenage depression show that there is an alarming rate of increase in teenage depression. This problem affects teenagers the world over and the figures are increasing year by year.

•  Statistics of teenage depression and the available data show that about 20% of the teenagers suffer from depression before they reach the age of 18.

•  On an average at least 2% of the teenagers suffering from depression suffer from the condition dysthymia. This problem though not very severe lasts for a long time.

•  Statistics teenage depression tells us that teenagers who suffer from dysthymia and are not treated have a greater incidence of developing bipolar manic depression in later years.

Teenage Depression Statistics Video

•  A small percentage of teenagers are also victims of seasonal depression or Seasonal Affective Depression.

•  Almost 5% of teenagers are victims of major depression at any given time. The worst thing about this is that the numbers are rising year by year. This trend is a cause for worry as well as concern according to teenage depression statistics .

•  The statistics about teenage depression stresses on the fact that about 8.3% of the teenagers experience depression for a year. This almost doubles the number of adults who are depressed. The statistics teenage depression reveals that depressed teens go through long periods of "feeling low."

•  About 70% of teenagers suffer from more than a single depression episode before they reach the age of eighteen and most of the teenage population suffers from depression before they become adults.

•  40% of the teenagers who are depressed suffer from more than two episodes in a period of two years.

•  It has also been shown by statistics about teenage depression that at least 20% to 40% of the teenagers who undergo depression episodes are from families with a history of depression.

•  About 30% of depressed teenagers resort to substance abuse in order to escape from their depression. But they make matters worse for themselves as substance abuse would only serve to increase their problem.

•  Statistics of teenage depression also suggests that the percentage of teenage girls suffering from depression is almost double that of the percentage of teenage boys facing a similar problem.

Statistics about teenage depression points out that depressed teenagers are more likely to indulge in unsafe sex, unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.