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Teenage years though an exciting time in a person's life, is also a period of angst and even depression. There are many situations that an adult would be able to handle but cause stress for a teenager. Teenage depression causes are many. The most common among what causes teenage depression are as follows:

•  Stress in school.

•  Dysfunctional home.

•  Illness.

•  Loss of a loved one or the breaking up of a friendship or a close relationship.

•  Genetics and environment.

•  Trauma.

Teenage depression causes vary from one such youngster to another as each one reacts to the changes around him or her differently.

Genetics and family history cause teenage depression. This means if there is a genetic streak of depression in the family then it is possible that the teenager could inherit the problem. This likelihood occurs since chemical imbalances in the brain are inherited.

The environment in which the teenager lives is what causes teenage depression . Teenagers need a lot of love and security during this confusing time of their lives. Growing up in an unhappy and abusive home environment, poverty and so on causes teenage depression . Such a negative outlook shapes the way the teenagers feel about themselves, nurturing in them a feeling of worthlessness and lack of self esteem. Such teenagers are likely to turn to substance abuse to escape from their unhappy home environment but instead get deeper into depression.

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This is mainly because of the hormonal changes that a woman undergoes during various stages of her life. Certain factors like changes in the menstrual cycle especially during the pre-menopause and the menopause stages of a woman's life, pregnancy and a miscarriage can lead to depression.

At times a woman can be a victim of what is generally known as postpartum depression or clinical depression after delivery. This is due to hormonal changes in the body on the one hand as well as the realization of an overwhelming responsibility as a mother towards the newborn. Stress at the workplace, the difficulties of single parenthood, the responsibilities towards children and elderly parents all contribute significantly as depression causes in a woman.

Men too are victims of depression. But unlike women who are quick to seek help, men make an attempt to mark their depression by drugs, alcohol, excessively long working hours, irritability, anger and even a feeling of discouragement.

Illnesses and other medical conditions: What causes teenage depression are the chemical imbalances in the brain. If the neurotransmitters that affect moods are functioning at a low level, it can lead to depression in the teenager. Long lasting illnesses as well as physical disabilities causes teenage depression.

Trauma and stress include problems like separation, divorce or remarrying of parents, death of a loved one, a friend or even a pet. Shifting to a new area and having to go to a new school and make new friends, fear of not performing in school and failure can also be stressful for a teenager and causes teenage depression .

A personality trait causes teenage depression . Situations like pessimistic outlook on life, low self esteem are all shaped by childhood experiences. Depressed teenagers deal with the irrational feeling that they are unlovable and helpless. Psychotherapy is more successful in treating teenage depression than anti-depressants as the medication can have adverse effects on the youngster. Any event that can cause trauma to a teenager can cause teenage depression.